Read what our clients say about us.

Keith Sparling is very professional, friendly and completely trustworthy. His treatments have always been effective and he is very reasonably priced. Unlike some practitioners I never feel pushed into treatment sessions that I may not necessarily need.


An Australian osteopath, after some inappropriate treatment, turned my minor back condition into a major crisis. Two further Australian osteopaths were equally unsuccessful in their efforts to help. I was much relieved after flying to the UK to see Keith. He was able to resolve my condition with some sensible treatment.

Keith always takes the time to understand the cause of the problem and how to solve it in a calm and reassuring manner.  I would highly recommend Keith.

Joe S

I have been to see Keith on several occasions usually for my back and I have to say, without him I would not have been able to continue with work due to the pain I have suffered in the past. I would recommend Keith to absolutely anyone. Five stars from me.

Martin P

Friendly reception and treatment that works, both when problems are acute and also for general maintenance of my chronic back condition.

Chris L

After suffering with sciatica for two years and trying all different types of treatment, from chiropractors to physios, I visited Keith. After two or three visits my back has never 'gone' on me since. I do a very physical Job and can honestly say I've never felt better. You are made to feel at ease in a relaxed and friendly environment and, personally, I couldn't think of a better place to go.

Joe W

I am happy with the atmosphere in reception and with Keith. Problem resolved with my back. 

Ninette S

I have recommended Keith Sparling to a lady who has been through the same thing as me with her back.

Stephanie K

Keith always fixes the problem within the minimum time, including two days before a skiing trip!

Michael N

My pelvis was so bad/painful I could barely walk and couldn’t get up from a chair without help – even sleeping was difficult. Keith had me up and about and back to normal within two weeks! 

Helen B

First class treatment. I usually get an appointment pretty quickly when I need one. I have no hesitation in recommending family and friends into Keith’s care, all of whom have been more than happy with their treatment and have likewise referred others. Keith is a first class osteopath to whom I owe my thanks for his excellent treatment and care over many years.

Margaret B

Thank you very VERY much for treating my baby last Thursday. I came home late that evening and she had her late-night bottle. She finished off the whole bottle for the first time in weeks, then went straight to sleep. My mum said she'd eaten very well that evening. The only time she woke that night was at 4am, and that's because she was ravenously hungry again! We have gone on like that ever since, she has a huge appetite, isn't rubbing her ears as much and is sleeping much more soundly day and night. She honestly hasn't been this well (unless on constant antibiotics) since January.

Debra T