"I would recommend Keith to absolutely anyone. Five stars from me."
Martin P


Osteopathy is widely recognised as an effective treatment for a wide range of painful conditions. It helps restore the function of your joints, muscles and ligaments. My aim is to relieve your pain and get you moving freely as quickly as possible. Patients of all ages from babies and children through to elderly people can benefit. 

The discipline is a safe and effective form of manual therapy that works on the basis that structure governs function and vice versa. Restriction causes pain, discomfort and overload. 

Osteopathy aims to help the body return to its normal function. It works with your body’s own natural healing process via gentle soft tissue massage, mobilisation of the spine and joints, and occasionally manipulation which involves a quick but gentle release of a joint. Cranial osteopathy (or cranial-sacral therapy) is a separate technique which is a very gentle treatment, particularly effective for babies, children and the elderly.

Your first consultation with Keith will involve taking a thorough case and medical history, after which he will examine you. After taking you through active movements and performing the relevant osteopathic tests, Keith will give you a diagnosis and where appropriate, will proceed with treatment.

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