"Keith always takes the time to understand the cause of the problem and how to solve it in a calm and reassuring manner.  I would highly recommend Keith."
Joe S

Where does it hurt?

The fact that you are reading this means that you are looking for relief – for you or someone close to you. Perhaps it’s a persistent, irritating niggle or long-term chronic pain. Either way, you do not have to just put up with it. Help is at hand.

Keith Sparling treats people of all ages, from babies to more mature patients who want to reduce pain and improve mobility.

As from 11th November 2016, we will be ceasing our agreement with AXA. Patients insured with AXA will no longer be able to claim back our fees from them.

Make a start to improve your quality of life. Call us on 01277 374848 and tell us where it hurts.

The Brentwood Osteopath can improve your wellbeing / health by:

  • Reducing your pain
  • Improving your sporting performance
  • Alleviating back pain
  • Increasing your flexibility
  • Correcting work-related injuries
  • Improving your sleep patterns
  • Easing migraines and headaches
  • Remedying repetitive strain injuries
  • Keeping long term problems at bay
  • Resolving sports injuries